Course Evaluation Comments

Students have the option to submit written comments during the evaluation process. All of the following comments are from a single class, Sensation and Perception (Spring, 2014). Each quote is from a different student. Comments are unedited except for formatting. Strategic bolding has been applied for emphasis. Original documents are available upon request.


People fight to take this class because Eric teaches it. The material is hard, and so much time has to be put into it in order to do well in the class, but it’s worth it. Being able to go to a class with someone who knows and cares about the material so much is a blessing. He is the best. No matter what subject he teaches, his class wants to learn. Give this man a raise.”

The class was fantastic. The exams were well made and portioned appropriately. The instructor was funny, knowledgeable, and willing to help students. The class material was splendid and made the class enjoyable overall. I would strongly recommend this instructor to any other student.”

I really enjoyed this class. I liked the in-class demos/examples to help remember the material. I also liked that one exam was dropped. It was a nice reward for working hard throughout the semester. I would recommend Eric as an instructor to those looking to take this course.”

“i enjoyed that eric was pretty funny and tried to keep things interesting and he was very honest when we were going through slides that were boring.”

“He’s absolutely awesome at teaching but sometimes the course matter seems a little bit rushed. This is a rare occurrence but I did find myself hung up a couple of times due to this.”

I thought this class was fantastic. It was definitely my favorite class this semester. I thought the course matter was interesting and Eric was a very good teacher. He was entertaining and engaged and he always communicated things in a clear way. If he did go through things too fast for some people, he would always go back and make sure to clarify any confusion.”

“He was an awesome professor!! The class was kind of hard but Eric made it entertaining.”

“He was great. Exams are hard but class was entertaining”

“Eric Egan brings enthusiasm and experience to every lecture that he gives. He is very approachable and understanding, and always keeps an open line of communication with his students.”

“Eric was very into his class and made it very enjoyable. He was very knowledgable about the material and although it could be a little bit boring, he made it easy to pay attention and grasp the concepts. By far one of the best instructors I have had at OSU.”

“I wish I could provide constructive criticism, but I can’t. Absolutely fantastic.”

“By far the best teacher I have had here at OSU. He makes you want to come to class to learn about some pretty straightforward material. I recommend this class to all majors because of his teaching. I learned a great deal and exams were even challenging and fair to everyone. He is responsive to emails and questions in a timely manner.”

“great teacher, great class. You could tell he genuinely cared about making the material interesting and comprehensible to everyone. Great attitude about teaching, highly recommended”

Professor Egan is one of the best professors I’ve ever had in my life. He explains things so well and doesn’t move on until students really understand things. He goes out of his way to help students (i.e. his office hours are very flexible, answers emails promptly, holds review sessions, etc) and is really fair with grading. Another positive is that he was able to easily make dry material interesting because he is so funny. He has several tricks/stories to help us remember information more easily. This was one of my favorite neuroscience classes I’ve ever taken, and I owe that to Professor Egan. Such an amazing lecturer! Definitely deserved the outstanding GTA award.”

Professor Egan is a fantastic instructor. He does his best to keep the material and learning environment entertaining and interesting. He always is upbeat and has great chemistry with his students. The material was well presented and correlated well with the textbook. I would recommend him for any student interested in the field.”

Extremely funny, which made class more interesting and I was more willing to attend.”

He is the I’m thrilled that I am taking another course with him next semester!”

“I adored having Eric as a lecturer! He is a genuinely good scholar who cares a lot about the success of his students. He was always able to meet with me when I needed to look at my previous exams or talk about something I didn’t understand. He tried his best to make even the most dull information exciting. On top of that he was very accommodating with the difficulty I was having in my personal life, so that was extremely wonderful. !0/10 would recommend.”

“Eric, you’re the best. I LOVED YOUR CLASS”

“Best professor I’ve had”

“Eric Egan was very interested in teaching, but his exams were harder than I think they should have been. I have only missed one class the entire semester, I always take notes, and I studied extremely hard for every exam! I still was never able to receive an A on an exam, which is really upsetting!”

“Really enthusiastic about material. Made boring lectures fun.”

Wish I could take more classes with him! Great teacher!”

“One of the best psych instructors I have had! Eric made the class a lot of fun!”

“Instructor Egan was very engaging and made going class fun.”

“Eric Egan is an AWESOME professor. He is engaging, challenging, and obviously loves to teach and cares passionately about his job. Super amazing guy and teacher. DEFINITELY would recommend his class to a friend.”

“Eric managed to make boring material interesting with his wit and jokes, while still presenting the material very clearly and in a detailed manner. He was easily one of my favorite instructors. I always enjoyed his lectures and you could tell that he really has a passion for it.”

“Eric is an awesome teacher, he really puts in a lot of time and tries to make the material as interesting as possible. The exams are challenging, but fair.”

“Presented complicated information in an understandable way. Created a light/fun atmosphere and seemed very knowledgeable in the information.”

“He’s a great instructor and I love his sense of humor.”

Great instructor. Extra credit opportunities were nice as well.”

“Eric is quite easily the strongest instructor I have had among the 8 classes I have taken here at OSU so far. He communicates information exceptionally clearly and efficiently, adds humor, and uses relevant examples to make connections between course material and the real world. I have nothing bad that I can think of to say about his style of and proficiency at teaching.”

“Eric was a great instructor who knew his shit. He didn’t have a problem fielding questions or spending extra time explaining things. Class well done.” 

“Eric is an excellent instructor. He is very approachable and always willing to elaborate on material if a student is confused or needs further clarification on a topic.”

Great class, i would recommend the course to anyone.”

“Eric is probably the best instructor I’ve ever had in a large lecture class. He made topics interesting and relevant and worked to keep us interested in the course material. I did notice that while information about vision (his specialty) was very organized and clearly presented, it seemed like other topics were less so – particularly taste and touch. These topics weren’t taught as clearly at first. However, Eric is great about clarifying points and working with students to explain a topic more clearly if needed – I always felt like I could approach him for help, which is really valuable in an instructor.”

“Eric was a great teacher. He encouraged us to not just study the materials from class but also read the book. He made the not so interesting material tolerable to me personally. He explained the course material throughly and if students had questions he was flexible to answer them outside of class. Overall he’s a great teacher and I would recommend him.”

“Eric is a fantastic instructor who did a great job with covering all necessary course material and making it interesting. His tests were a good representation of material, he offered opportunity for improvement through extra credit, and truly cared about his student doing well in the class. I learned a lot in this course and Eric did a phenomenal job teaching it. I am very glad that he taught my section of the class and I feel I have a solid foundation for other classes pertaining to sensation and perception.”