Evidence of Teaching Effectiveness

Teaching Award

The Ohio State Undergraduate Student Council awarded me the College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Graduate Associate Teaching Award for the 2013-14 academic year. The award honors a single recipient from a pool of over 1,000 Gradate Teaching Associates from eighteen departments. I was especially honored to receive this award because it is an entirely student-run process; students nominate, evaluate, and select the recipient based on his or her ability to connect with them in the classroom. I was truly honored to receive this award. It motivates me to continuously improve my courses and bring enthusiasm into the classroom.

Course Evaluations: The Gist

My Student Evaluations of Instructor scores are above average by almost a whole standard deviation and scores have improved over time for both courses. My most recent rating placed me in the 75th percentile. The figures below graph my overall ratings and the overall ratings of a matched comparison group.

Course Evaluations: The Details

The Ohio State University gives every student the opportunity to complete an optional online Student Evaluation of Instructor (SEI) for each class. Students rate instructors in ten categories on a scale from 1 (poor) to 5 (great). SEI reports include the instructor rating means and standard deviations as well as the statistics for a comparison group based on the class size and predominant reason students indicate they enrolled (e.g. pre-requisite or elective). Standard deviations for this data set range from .6 to .9. Original documents are available upon request. Evaluation Graph

Course Evaluations: The Comments

Students also have the option to submit written comments during the SEI process. All of the following comments are from a single class, my first semester teaching Sensation and Perception. Each quote is from a different student. Comments are unedited except for formatting. Strategic bolding has been applied for emphasis. Comments begin on the following page. Original documents are available upon request.

“It is obvious how passionate he is about his research and this field based on his enthusiasm in the classroom. He was very approachable and willing to help out with any problems. Overall, he is one of my favorite lecturers and I feel like I learned a considerable amount this semester.”

Great instructor, really connects with students and that always makes learning easier. Eric also
knows how to keep a class lively.

“You’re super nerdy but I liked all the videos and various examples you showed/used.”

“Professor Egan made it a lot of fun with his humorous comments and he included a lot of visual stimuli which kept this 2 1/2 hour class fun. He definitely seemed interested in helping students
with the information and did a good job explaining difficult subject matter. I thoroughly enjoyed
taking his class and would consider taking another course taught by him in the future.”

“A really fun teacher. I strongly advise taking a class with Eric Egan.”

“This instructor made this class a ton of fun with his jokes and applied concepts to class activities. He understood the material in depth and when he did not he went out of his way to research something before he came in to class. I would highly recommend this instructor to anyone taking this class.”

“Great instructor. Very knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and engaging.”

“This was the 2nd course I had with this instructor. I personally enjoy having him as a lecturer and I thought this class was going to be a boring pre-req, but it turns out I actually really liked it.”

“Eric’s sense of humor made what could have been a dry subject really interesting. I recommended him to my other psych friends.”

“Eric Egan may be one of my favorite instructors that I have had at OSU.”

“Very good at preparing interesting lectures with interactive demos, very funny and good at holding my attention.”

Good sense of humor about the class, tried to make uninteresting topics interesting by using demonstrations. Really liked how he taught the class.”

“Eric understands the information that he teaches very well. His class was one that I actually began to enjoy going to… …His use of demos really helped me understand the material further than the readings did. Overall, Eric is one of the best instructors I’ve ever had.”

Great class, lots of material but demos are fun and really help clear up some confusion.”


“Every lecture was well-prepared, and did his best to make sure everyone was engaged. He provided in class demos to present some of the facts learned in class. The exams were just the right amount of difficult, showing that if someone studied they would do well. Where Egan really shines is making boring material enjoyable. Simply put, he’s got the personality to teach. Just hire this guy already!”

Updated: 9/28/2015