Why “The” Eric Egan?

In 1878, the Board of Trustees at ‘Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College,’ officially changed the institution’s designation to ‘The Ohio State University.’

The 1977 'OSU' Logo

The 1977 ‘OSU’ Logo

In 1986, in an attempt to differentiate ‘The OSU’ from ‘Other OSUs’ like Oregon and Oklahoma, the University decided to replace the previous 1977 ‘OSU’ logo with the square logo.

The recently replaced square tOSU logo.
The recently replaced square tOSU logo.

In 2008, upon my acceptance to study Vision Science at The Ohio State University, I was in need of a replacement of my @skidmore.edu email. Providentially, EricEgan[at]gmail.com was usurped by ‘an Eric Egan,’ the Volunteer and Lunch Order Coordinator at Dixie Elementary School in San Rafael, CA. Inspired by my soon to be graduate school, I discovered that TheEricEgan[at]gmail.com was still available. Thus, I acted upon the opportunity to rise to ‘The’ status just as Ohio A&M had done 130 years earlier.

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The new monolithic iteration.

UPDATE: The University Logo has changed yet again in the spring of 2013. The new logo is a simple monolith accompanied by the full name to reinforce the University’s brand.